Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge


What Is SpaceBar 100 HitsScore Clicker?

After completing the various spacebar time modes, here comes the 100 hits challenge designed for our users, where users have to strike the spacebar button hundred times as swiftly as they can.

There is no time constraint in this game where the user needs to hit maximum spacebar taps in the allotted time.

All the users need to do is accomplish the 100 hits in the least time possible to score the highest. What makes our tool superior over other spacebar games is its appealing features and accurate outcome generation.

Let's now explore thisspacebar clicking challenge.


How To Take The Spacebar Challenge?

The easy-user interface of our 100 hits challenge game enables the users to take up the spacebar challenge conveniently by following these steps.

  • To begin with the challenge, launch our website on your system having stable internet connectivity.
  • Once the page opens, scroll down to the challenges and tap on the 100 hits option.
  • When the new window pops up, click on the 'start clicking' section to proceed with the test.
  • Now hit the spacebar 100 times in the least time possible to make a high score.
  • Based on the time taken, your corresponding score is computed and generated at the end of the test.


  • Social Sharing- Users have the ability to share their generated accurate and precise scores with their friends and challenge them to beat your score.
  • 24/7 Availability- Our Space key tester tool is available online for free with 24/7 accessibility for the users.
  • 100% Secure- User convenience and security come first. Our tool provides a secure environment to our users, free from the risk of malware and viruses.
  • Several Attempts Availability- Nothing is mastered in one go. The spacebar clicker enables the users to retake the test as many times as they wish until they master and improve their score.

What Is The Highest Hit Per Second In This Mode?

Looking into our analytics, we found that the world record holder of the spacebar 100 hits challenge managed to make 100 hits in just a span of 99 seconds with a score of 10.10 HPS.