100 Second Spacebar Counter

Test your capability to tap continuously for a prolonged period using our 100 second spacebar clicker mode.


What Is 100 Second Spacebar Test?

Let us step into another advanced mode of spacebar clicker, the 100second spacebar counter mode. Users require a lot of determination and strength to proceed with this mode in which players need to test their potential to tap continuously for a span of 100 seconds, which isn't as simple as it seems.

Our tool is the best choice for gamers to enhance their spacebar key tapping speed and boost their chances to conquer. All users need to do is keep striking the spacebar as fast as they can, and based on their tapping pace, their score is computed.

Let us now move towards taking the test.


Why Do You Need This Clicking Challenge?

Our spacebar counter challenge has its own perks. There are plenty of reasons why one needs a clicker challenge, some of which are enlisted below.

  • The foremost use of spacebar counter challenge is that one can conveniently test the functionality of their keyboard's keys using our tool.
  • Taking our challenge intensifies your spacebar hitting speed by retaking the test unless you become a pro.
  • An apt platform for the gaming freaks to upskill their aiming accuracy skills.
  • Participating in our spacebar challenge is a subtle choice for users who want to fitter away their time and have fun.

How To Use This Tool?

Taking up this spacebar clicker challenge became convenient due to the user-friendly interface of the tool. Any players can take up the challenge and amplify their tapping skills by following the below steps.

  • Firstly, visit our webpage and move down to the various time mode sections.
  • From here, select the 100 second time mode and hit the 'start clicking' option to begin your test.
  • The timer of 100 seconds period gets activated. Users need to burst maximum taps in this bounded time.
  • When the timer runs out of time, the test ends, and your score pops in front of your screens.
  • These produced outcomes are shareable, and users have the retake feature ability to enhance their scores.

World Record For 100 Seconds Mode

Curious to know the highest set record for the 100-second spacebar test?

Based on our analysis, the record set for striking the space button a maximum number of times in 100 seconds is 8.2 CPS.