1000 Hits In 100 Seconds


1000 Hits in 100 Second Spacebar Clicker Challenge

Here comes the difficult of all space bar counter challenges, the 1000 clicks in 100 seconds game to test how swiftly a user can make 100 spacebar hits score in hundred seconds which isn't easily achievable.

It is the best possible means of escalating one's spacebar hitting speed and becoming a pro. So, crack our challenging test along with your friends and dare to score the highest.

Take this tremendousspacebar clicking challenge now and see the magic.


Playing Tricks for Spacebar Speed Test

Attempting the 1000 clicks in 100-second challenge is a complex task where users sometimes hurt their hands. One needs to be cautious and focused too at the same time. To excel in this challenge, here are some playing tricks one may try.

  • Tapping for hundred seconds long is a tiresome job that may degrade your space button speed. To overcome such situations, one must have good finger muscles. For this, Practice various muscle exercises to strengthen your finger muscles.
  • Beginning from the very starting stage helps you easily score in the advanced levels. So, firstly master the 200 clicks in 20 seconds and 100 clicks in 10 seconds time variations.
  • Invite your close ones and challenge them to score the highest score. Playing with them develops a sense of competition, enabling you to click the spacebar speedily.

How To Take This Spacebar Hits Challenge?

There is no rocket science behind using our tool. To take up the 1000 hits in 100 seconds, follow our below guidelines.

  • Go to our webpage and ensure to have stable internet connectivity.
  • Once the page launches, move the cursor to the spacebar hits column and select the 1000 hits in 100 seconds option.
  • Hit on the 'start clicking' button to begin the test.
  • Now make thousand spacebar hits before the 100-second timer runs out of time.
  • When the test initiates, your corresponding score pops on your screen.