300 Hits In 30 Seconds


300 Hits In 30 Seconds

300 Hits In 30 Seconds Spacebar Clicker Challenge

If you wish to accomplish a superfast spacebar clicking speed, then try this unique spacebar challenge and estimate how efficient you are at tapping the spacebar.

Our tool has a handy user interface enabling every player to take up our challenge conveniently.

Let us look into our online 300 hits in 30 seconds spacebar game which is accessible for free.


How Can I Check My Spacebar Count?

Users can now effortlessly figure out their spacebar counts by following our below-mentioned steps.

  • To begin with, launch our website on your system.
  • Now proceed towards the spacebar hits column and select the 300 clicks in 30 seconds option when the webpage pops up.
  • Now, a new window opens on your screen. Press the 'start clicking' option to begin the test.
  • When the test begins, the 30-second timer keeps running in the background. Buck up your speed to make 300 hits in 30 seconds span.
  • Once the time finish, the test ends, and your HPS score is calculated based on your clicking pace.

Popular Spacebar Games You Should Play

The convenient way to boost your space button tapping speed is by playing the games that users enjoy. It engages users as well as aids them in boosting their speed. Here is a list of a few popular games.

  • Spacebar Fishing -It is an interesting game that attracts users' interest. The best part of this game is that it is compatible even with mobile phones. Here, the users need to hold the spacebar key or tap the screen of their mobile phones to catch the fish and complete the bar.
  • Dino Runner -Save the dino from the obstacles.A browser game where the users need to tap the spacebar button and help the dino jump over the obstacles lying on his way.
  • Flappy Bird -Let the bird fly high in the sky. The flappy block game is another engaging game where players help the bird fly high without striking with the pipes by pressing the spacebar key.