5 Second Spacebar Counter

Test your potential to tap speedily for complete 5 seconds using our 5-second spacebar counter mode.


What Is The 5 Second SpaceBar Counter?

Users can now conveniently boost their spacebar clicking speed, essential to win the battle in shooter games, by taking our 5-second challenge.

The test mode tests the potential with which users can hit the maximum spacebar clicks in a 5-second span and aids the users to upskill their tapping speed.

It is an apt choice to make to master spacebar striking ability and become a pro. Our tool is 100% free from the risk of malware and virus, enabling the users to access this game comfortably without any risk of harming the device.

So let us take a step forward and begin the 5-second spacebar clicker test.


How to Take 5 Second Spacebar Test Challenge?

Users tend to find continuously clicking the space button boring and a tedious task. But thisgame has appealing features and an accessible interface letting the users take the spacebar challenge effortlessly by following the steps mentioned below.

  • To begin with, launch our website on your device and ensure that you are connected to the internet.
  • When the site opens, head towards the spacebar time modes section and opt for the 5-second clicker mode.
  • Now to proceed with the test, scroll down and hit the 'start clicking' section.
  • As the test begins, timer starts running at the back.
  • Users have to burst the maximum spacebar taps possible in the allotted time span.
  • When the timer ends, your test ends, and your score is generated based on your tapping performance.
  • Share these outcomes with your mates and challenge them to take up the spacebar challenge.
  • If not satisfied with your scores, users have the availability to retake the test.

Is There Any Limit on Hitting The Space Bar Number Of Times?

There is no such limit. Hitting the spacebar at a faster rate depends on your potential. The number of times you hit the spacebar depends solely on your practice and determination. But the average space button tapping score is 6.27 cps. Achieving something around this is considered as good.


World Record For 5 Second SpaceBar Test

Consistent practice of striking space button speedily and persistency can pave the way for you to set the highest score for thismode.

According to our data, the world record for most taps is 58 clicks in 5 seconds which is nothing but 11.6 cps. So be the next world record holder by practicing the spacebar test regularly.