500 Hits In 60 Seconds


500 Hits In 60 Seconds Spacebar Challenge

Our experts developed an appealing tool for users to examine how fast their spacebar clicking speed is.

The 500 space button clicks in 60 seconds is the advanced variations among the spacebar hits where users need to burst five hundred space bar hits in just sixty seconds which isn't that simple.

The gamers, typists, everyone can enjoy the benefits of our tool and see a drift in their clicking speed instantly. This spacebar challenge is an apt choice for those users who are searching for ways to pass their leisure time.

So, without pondering much, let us begin our hits per second challenge.


Why Take Spacebar Test?

Practice is the key to upskilling your spacebar tapping speed. And the best way to practice is by taking spacebar test.

The game provides a lot of varieties for its users from various time modes and clicks per second challenges.

Users are open to all these varieties. Taking any of our spacebar clicker challenges and mastering it will undoubtedly boost your clicking rate required by the gamers, typists, transcriptionists, and work employees to meet their needs and excel in their respective fields.


What Is the Suitable Time Duration To Use This Tool?

The answer to this question lies within yourself. There is no such specific time duration to use our tool. If you are new to the spacebar clicking game, then it is advisable to begin with the 1-second, 2-second, 5-second basic time variations.

Contrary to it, if you are a professional gamer or typist who just wants to perform a quick test to examine their speed, then the 60-second, 100-second, and 120-second variations are best suitable for you. So, choosing the best time duration all depends on the user.