Spacebar 500 Hits Score Challenge


What is 500 Hits Challenge?

Here comes another mode of our hit per second challenge. Excel your spacebar hitting speed today using the clicking challenge designed for the users to hit 500 spacebar hits on their fingertips without taking much time.

Registering 500 clicks in the least possible time will provide you with a high click per second score. Its adaptable user interface enables users to take up the spacebar challenge and accelerate their clicking rate effortlessly.

Let's now proceed with this challenge and enjoy its features.


How To Improve Spacebar Clicking Speed?

To strengthen your space buttonclicking speed follow our below handy tips.

  • Add 5-10 minutes to your daily routine and do hand exercise regularly. It will strengthen your muscles, enabling you to click speedily.
  • Participating in various challenges and playing spacebar games opens you up to other users competing with you to score highest. This competitive spirit lets you focus and upskill your spacebar hitting speed.
  • Continuous clicking for prolonged hours tends to exhaust you degrading your tapping speed. To avoid it, keep switching between your fingers while clicking and strike maximum spacebar clicks.
  • Practice, practice, and practice a lot. Make a schedule including at least 20-30 minutes of practicing test every day and stick to it consistently.

What is a Space bar clicker?

Space bar clicker is a platform for the users to estimate their spacebar hitting rate. It counts the number of times the user taps the space button in a second and assists the users in amplifying their hitting speed.


What Is The Record For Competing In This Challenge?

Becoming a part of the spacebar clicker leaderboard is what every user wishes. One needs to make the highest score record to be a part of our leaderboard. According to our data, the current world record of maximum clicks in the spacebar clicker challenge is 17.5 hits per second.