About Us

Spacebar counter is an online spacebar clicking test calculator which calculates your click speed test with given time. This tool which is mainly intended for entertainment purposes, professional gamers, typewriters and teachers to practice more and improve their speed while clicking on the space bar.

Initially, the hobby originated from the TikTok social network. Together with our development team, we ensure that websites deliver instant and accurate results. This performance is one of the most important factors which has become a priority for us. We aim to create a game that is user friendly and provides a high level of experience for the users.

The tool has been enhanced with features like games and various time-based modes to give our users the option to choose from. What makes our spacebar counter stand out from others is that it gives you a timed mode as well as its own custom mode and other features like Hits Challenge.

We are constantly working to provide the best facilities to the same people who want to make the best of clicking practice using our game. With this our support team is working to resolve all your issues. Feel free to contact us and you can contact us to get the solution to your problem.