Custom Time Space Bar Counter

Customize your timer as per your needs and upskill spacebar tapping speed using this customizable spacebar variation.


What is Customizable Spacebar Counter Mode?

After accomplishing all the time modes, polish your tapping speed to another level using our custom spacebar counter.

Our tool provides an additional efficient feature to our users to set the time interval of their timer based on their choice and strike the spacebar a maximum number of times in the customized span set.

To customize the timespan manually, all the user needs to do is type the desired period in the timer box to begin the test and enjoy the hitting experience.

Hit the 'start clicking' option to step into the custom spacebar counter zone.


Why Do You Need Custom TimerForSpace Bar Game?

When it comes to the various modes, you are bound to strike the spacebar only for the allotted time set in the game.

But what if you want to test your ability to hit the spacebar in 50 seconds? Here is where the custom mode comes into use. The custom mode lets the users set any time period manually as per their needs and examine their clicking ability in that period.

This mode is an apt platform that aids users in strengthening their spacebar button clicking rate and becoming a pro in it. Set the range accordingly. Do not set a high range that may cause pain resulting in hand injures.


Benefits Of CustomizedSpace Bar Test

Users may wonder why to take the custom mode test over other time modes available. Below we enlisted some benefits of using the custom time spacebar clicker.

  • Besides other time-variation modes, this platform provides you the feature to test your tapping ability in your desired span.
  • Users get the ability to set the time manually as per their requirements.
  • This mode is available online accessible 24/7 for free. You need not pay to choose a customizable spacebar mode.