Spacebar Counter

Welcome to spacebar counter. Come and analyze how fast you can strike the spacebar key by proceeding with our clicker test


What is The Spacebar Counter?

Ever wondered how many times can you hit the spacebar? In our day-to-day life to solve this problem.

Our team of experts came up with the spacebar counter game which helps users to check their space bar clicking speed and test the functionality of their spacebar key.

It is also an appropriate choice for users to fitter away their time when bored. Our tool delivers quick and accurate results to our users. It has a popular base among the players for assisting them to upskill their space bar clicking speed.

So, let's gear up and master hitting the space bar speedily. So why waste time? Challenge your friends to take up the spacebar test and have fun.

Let’s Check How Fast Can You Click The Spacebar

Our tool has an easy-to-use interface for our users. There isn't any complexity in playing the spacebar clicker game. Just follow the steps mentioned below to proceed with the game

  • Firstly, check your network stability before beginning the spacebar clicker game.
  • Go to our website and hit on the 'click here to start' button to start the test.
  • Keep pressing maximum spacebar clicks until the given time frame runs out of time.
  • On every spacebar click of yours, the counter running in the background gets activated and calculates yourhits per second score.
  • When the test ends, a popup will appear with your spacebar HPS (hits per second) score.

What Is the Space Bar Test?

Space bar clicker is simply an AI-based online tool designed to tests the user's spacebar clicking speed.

Similar to the click per second test to check your mouse clicking skills and keyboard tester to test your typing skills, here comes the spacebar test to test your space bar tapping speed.

Practicing with the space bar counter will provide user a competitive advantage in terms of aim accuracy and clicking speed.

So, explore how fast you can hit the space bar using the Spacebar test.

TikTok Spacebar Challenge

TikTok is a growing social media platform that engages millions of users each day. Recently, the spacebar challenge has emerged as a new trend in the TikTok space.

People are recording themselves by taking an online spacebar speed test that estimates the number of times the players can tap the spacebar in a time constraint of 30 seconds.

To participate in this fun challenge, users need to navigate to any spacebar counter tool and film a TikTok video of themself attempting the test. Users are loving to participate and watch others perform this challenge.

It has gathered over 4.8 million views. Some users are also using this for teaching purposes and sharing tips for generating more clicks in the shortest amount of time.

So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, try out this spacebar challenge on TikTok.

Take Spacebar Challenges to Become a Master

We added five different modes from newbie to expert to make this game more interesting and challenging. Let’s explore them one by one.


The very first space bar challenge variation is for the players keenly interested in exploring the space bar challenges from the initial stage.

  1. 1 Second - It is an initial phase for the newbies to practice their space bar clicking. In a 1-second space bar clicker mode, users need to tap the spacebar maximum possible times in just one second. Users who are looking to increase their clicking speed from the beginning can take up this challenge.
  2. 5 Seconds - Measure how fast you can hit the space bar in 5 seconds by taking up the 5-second space bar clicker challenge. It is an online tool accessible for free to users to enhance their clicking speed. Testing your space bar functionality is made simpler using this tool.
  3. 100 Hits Challenge - Challenge yourself to strike 100 space bar hits in the least time possible using the Space bar 100 hits challenge. Share the challenge with your friends and compete with them to see who touches the hit score target first.


New Players into the world of spacebar games can go ahead with this variation to improve their clicking speed from the start.

  1. 10 Seconds - With increasing the time span, the complexity of the challenge increases. Space bar clicker 10 seconds is another variation of the Spacebar clicker tool where the speed at which users tap the space bar key in 10 seconds is determined and calculated.
  2. 15 Seconds - Gamers searching to intensify their gaming skills and aim precisely take up the 15-second space Bar challenge. All users need to do is keep tapping the space bar quickly until the 15-second timer runs out of time.
  3. 200 Hits Challenge - It is an efficient variation of the space bar game that enables users to explore how long it takes to achieve the 200 hits score challenge. The ultimate aim of the users should be to accomplish the given hit score in the minimum time possible to master clicking speed.
  4. 100 Hits In 10 Seconds - Try out our 100 hits in 10 second spacebar challenge and make the new highest space bar record by challenging yourself to achieve 100 hits in less than 10 seconds. Get one step closer to mastering quick and efficient Space bar hitting speed by practicing this mode.


Gamers who successfully cleared the above two challenges can participate in this Intermediate Space bar challenge. Practicing in this mode can help you to achieve an average spacebar hits score.

  1. 30 Seconds - In this test, users need to register as many clicks as they can until the timer of 30 seconds stops. Users with average Space bar clicking speed can take the challenge and enhance them to the next level.
  2. 60 Seconds - The 60 seconds spacebar clicker mode is an amazing game that enables users to discover how fast you can click the spacebar. It also maximizes their work speed.
  3. 300 Hits Challenge - It is an interactive Spacebar test that aids users in uplifting their spacebar hitting speed. The users need to register 300 hits in the least time possible.
  4. 200 Hits In 20 Seconds - The 200 hits in 20 seconds challenge is an intriguing spacebar game where users measure their clicking speed by tapping 200 hits in a time span of 20 seconds.


Professional gamers who wish to excel in their gaming accuracy and can tap more speedily than an average gamer, explore our 'Advanced' Spacebar Challenge variation.

  1. 100 Seconds - Further improve your spacebar hits per second by participating in the advanced mode of the Spacebar test. This errorless tool helps you analyze and calculate your clicking speed within 100 seconds.
  2. 500 Hits Challenge - Gamers, typists, and transcriptionists looking to upskill their click speed can try this challenge! All you need to do is register 500 hits in a minimum time.
  3. 300 Hits In 30 Seconds Challenge - If you're a regular gamer who wants to improve spacebar speed and win the battle, this unique 300 hits in 30 seconds challenge is made for you! Check whether you can achieve 300 hits in a timeframe of thirty seconds.
  4. 500 Hits In 60 Seconds Challenge - By using this constructive spacebar challenge, players can effortlessly boost their gaming skills. The working algorithm of this tool is straightforward. It lets users perform better than average in terms of HPS by registering 500 hits in 60 seconds.


If you believe in yourself and have the potential to hit the space button continuously for a prolonged time, then try this 'Expert' Space bar challenge. The one who clears this challenge masters speedy clicking.

  1. Spacebar 120 Sec Score Challenge - It is another advanced space bar variation designed for the pro gamers to examine their capability to tap the spacebar continuously for 120 seconds without being exhausted. So, accept the challenge and take one step ahead in becoming a pro.
  2. Custom Timer - It is the best and preferred tool to determine your spacebar clicks per second. You can customize the time manually and improve your space bar tapping skills in the way you want. Just set spacebar counter with timer to count your hits.
  3. 1000 Hits Challenge - Play in this mode and measure your ability to hit the spacebar key for a prolonged time. Here, the players challenge themselves to 1000 hits in the least possible time without getting tired.
  4. 1000 Hit In 100-Second Challenge - It is the advanced and last mode of the spacebar hits challenge. In this challenge, the users need to try to accomplish 1000 hits in 100 seconds. This spacebar test enables players to master the spacebar clicking speed and score maximum HPS.

Why Does Space Bar Clicking Speed Matter in Games?

The space bar counter has been designed to fulfill the needs of the gaming generation. It is beneficial for enthusiastic gamers to improve their spacebar hitting speed which will help them upskill their gaming abilities.

Fast clicking is helpful in various games and esports competitions as it can be the deciding point to becoming the winner.

In multiplayer shooting games such as CS: GO and Doom Eternal, it helps you hit and shoot your enemy quickly. The higher the spacebar clicking score, the more chances of winning the game.

In creative world-building games like Minecraft, gamers can build things more speedily if they have fast clicking speed. Even the battles played in Minecraft PvP largely depend on how accurately you aim and the combos you hit.

If you have more and more combos, it is crucial to tap your spacebar faster so that you can kill the target before your enemy hits you back.

Thus, the spacebar clicker will enable you to achieve all these gaming goals with regular practice and dedication.

How to Improve Spacebar Clicking Speed?

If you want to enhance your spacebar clicking speed, then try the below-mentioned methods.

Firstly, it is a must to have a proper functioning keyboard. Make sure that all the spacebar of your keyboard works properly.

Practice and determination!! These are the keys to boost your spacebar clicking speed. Practice taking the spacebar speed test consistently by participating in different modes. Challenge your friends, and together take up the spacebar click test.

Even go for the spacebar games available on our website to have fun while practicing. Also, take part in the spacebar TikTok challenges, which keep you motivated to score higher.

According to our professional gamers, practice tapping the spacebar at a faster pace using both hand thumbs. Hit the key with the first finger in the first half interval and then immediately switch to another thumb finger to hit the spacebar button speedily.

Now Play an Unblocked Spacebar Counter Game

You may meet situations where you are blocked from the access of our website on your computer device. The restriction could be because your school or workplace prevents you from accessing the site.

If you face this issue, use a VPN or an open proxy to bypass the hindrance. VPN or proxies prevent your school or university from tracking you down by hiding your IP address. Both of the options are safe and secure to use.

Spacebar Counter Games

Our tool offers a variety of spacebar games for users to amplify their spacebar clicking speed while having fun.

Dino Runner

You will love boosting the number of spacebars clicks and entertaining yourself with our Dino Runner game. Here, the dinosaur keeps running, and users need to tap the spacebar button to rescue the dinosaur from the thorny cactus in the path.

Corona Runner

Escape from the deadly virus by hitting the spacebar key to let the coronavirus jump over the head of people in this game. It's something users will enjoy.

Flappy Bird

Another spacebar game users may play in their leisure time to improve their spacebar clicking speed. All the users need to do is constantly tap the spacebar key to let the bird fly high and be rescued from the flying blocks on their way.

Space Invaders

A game for our space lovers where the users need to save themselves from the enemies. Use the right and left arrow keys to move and the spacebar button to fire and kill the enemies and save your planet.

Ranks Of the Spacebar Counter Game

You receive your spacebar ranking as soon as you complete the test. In this ranking, players will be divided into eight categories corresponding to their performance in the game.

  • Snail

    If your click rate is between 0 to 3.5 hits per second, then you're categorized in the snail rank. However, with this spacebar pressing speed, you will not be able to perform well in online games and competitions.

  • Turtle

    If you are too slow at hitting the spacebar, that implies you can approximately achieve a score of 3.5-5.5 HPS, and your ranking is turtle rank. This rank is for newbies who have just started playing this game.

  • Hippo

    This ranking consists of players who have managed to acquire a score of 5.5-6.6 HPS. Usually, beginners with mediocre skills get this rank.

  • Mouse

    If you are a little bit faster and can press the spacebar button with maximum score of 6.6-6.9 Clicks per second, it indicates that your ranking is the mouse. Such players have great accuracy in Minecraft PvP.

  • Kangaroo

    Players with HPS between 6.9 and 7.5 falls in the kangaroo ranking category.

  • Ostrich

    In this rank, players have speedy clicking skills. They can approximately tap the space button with the speed of 7.5-8 CPS.

  • Fox

    This ranking will be given to those players who have an HPS between 8.5 and 9. These gamers are pros at the spacebargame.

  • Cheetah

    If you have fast clicking abilities and can get more than 9 hits per second, it means your ranking is the cheetah. Gamers with this rank are masters of the spacebar clicker game.

Why Choose us?

Our spacebar clicking tool is recommendable over other spacebar tools due to the appealing features it provides to the users.

  • Dark Mode - Our tool supports dark mode availability for the users to enable them to access our tool conveniently, even in the dark.
  • Cross-Platform Support - The Spacebar Counter game is compatible with all devices, be it from iPad, laptop to mobile phones letting all the users take the spacebar test.
  • Live & Accurate Score - Users can track their score while tapping the spacebar. We produce accurate results based on the spacebar clicks registered by the user.
  • Social Sharing - The Spacebar counter tool enables a social sharing feature to its users, enabling them to share their scores with their close friends and challenge them to take up the spacebar challenge.


How Do You Hack or Cheat in The Spacebar Counter?

Following any illegal methods of scoring high is not tolerated. Rather than looking for shortcuts and hacks, spend time practicing the spacebar counter test to score high.

What Is the World Record for Hitting the Spacebar?

The highest world record of hitting the spacebar is 17.5 hits per second. Practice regularly to break the record.

How Many Times Can You Press the Spacebar?

There is no limit to tap the spacebar. It all depends on your practice. However, the average spacebar hitting speed is 6.27 hits per second.

What Is the Count of Maximum Times A User Can Hit The Space Bar?

The space bar clicking capacity differs from one person to another. One may hit the spacebar 150 to 200 times, while the other may not be able to achieve this score in the same timeframe. The more effort you put in, the more times you will be able to tap the spacebar button.

How To Press the Spacebar Faster?

To press the spacebar faster, you may try to tap the spacebar halfway down with one finger and gently tap it speedily with the others. If you still do not see the outcomes, then there is a possibility that the problem lies within your keyboard. In such cases, make sure to purchase decent keyboards such as Redragon K552, RazerBlackwidow, and Logitech for better performance.

How Fast Can You Click Spacebar?

Everyone cannot register the same spacebar hitting speed. It depends on one's hard work, practice, patience, and consistency.

However, on average, people tend to achieve 40 to 50 hits in 10 seconds. If you go above the average score, it would be considered a faster speed.

What Is the Average Spacebar Clicking Speed?

According to the research, the average number of spacebar hits made is about 6.27 HPS. If you have practiced well with utmost dedication and are confident enough, you can score higher than average time.

The making and breaking of the old records always keep continuing. Evan. H is the current world record holder of the spacebar counter who made 58 hits in 5 seconds.